Amino: Communities and Chats

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Beschrijving van Amino: Communities and Chats

Join the infinite number of fan communities of Amino: Communities and Chats.

Amino is the best way to get immersed and involved in thousands of amazing communities dedicated to specific subjects, passions and fandoms!

Find the community that speaks most to you and get involved! Meet people with the same interests, share and discover great content, and participate in special events!

Amino is also a great way to simply be informed about any of your passions! You’ll always know about the latest news and what’s going on in the world when you’re connected to Amino!

Create and personalize your profile, so the world knows a bit more about you!

Chatting is easy in Amino. The app has an integrated chat feature that lets you share moments and speak with other people all over the world! Voice chatting is also possible and totally free!

There’s all kinds of content here! Videos, pictures, quotes, blogs and much, much more. Absorb all of it and share your own cool creative content with the world! You’ll quickly get feedback, which will help you create and share even better stuff!

Test your knowledge on any subject you want with hundreds of pop quizzes prepared just for you! How much of a fan are you?

Amino: Communities and Chats is the best and most convenient app that lets you get integrated in great communities dedicated to any specific passion you’re interested in.

Meet great people and immerse yourself in creativity with Amino: Communities and Chats.

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